Made by hand

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Craftsmanship is the ability that humans have to produce objects with their hands or with the help of tools or simple machines. Artisans can also make serial productions, but they differ from industrial ones because the artisan pieces are made with their hands, one at a time, thus making the object unique. Until a few decades ago, artisans were everywhere, in all fields of production. However, the industrialization processes and the implantation of the consumer society have made this activity unviable as a modus vivendi. Today, artisans strive to keep their craft alive and earn a living.

Some of these artisan manifestations have gone beyond the traditional framework of the workshop and have become phenomena of the community. For this reason, more and more meetings and learning sessions are organized for certain activities, such as lacemakers or basket makers.

In popular art, on the other hand, this manual dexterity is also required to construct the proposed works. In this case, the production is no longer called an object, but a work. Artistic works can be individual or collective, permanent or ephemeral. Popular art is manifested in street decorations, nativity scenes, flower carpets and other displays, manifestations that are related to the cycle of the year.