Sarouel cotton trousers


Sarouels pants, with two front pockets. . Made with a very good quality cotton.

Because comfort prevails, it is a piece that you will never want to take off, so it is a piece of clothing that you will be happy to have.

Nonibarea does things with sensitivity, affection and common sense. Thus, his pieces are always limited series. She designs and produces the collections in the workshop, with fabrics made by local producers.

If you want to take care of the piece …

Machine wash cold, iron on gentle, and do not tumble dry.


The Nonibarea project is the project of his life. Although the beginnings were with women’s collections, with the birth of her son, she decided to design clothes for babies as well.

In this way, Noni has always defended fashion from a committed vision. For this reason, she has worked in a sustainable way and without following the imposed fees and timing.

That is why Nonibarea has become a brand that works with 0 km fabrics and ethical production.

She is a lover of the Nordic and Japanese style.

A turning point for change.
Knowing what does not work is a good inflection point for change, now we can no longer look the other way. But our experience tells us that if you don’t have an alternative, no matter how sad it is, you go back to business as usual.

That is why the visibility of the brands that come together to work from a state of respect and care for the planet is so important, getting more and more talk about sustainability in fashion.

The brand is a response to today’s excess consumption. The Nonibarea brand is a symbol of a clear commitment, working in a sustainable way, without fees or imposed time frames.

An attitude that is materialized in the high quality of our pieces, betting on durability and careful manual work.

Nonibarea seeks to make pieces with which to feel happy and comfortable. Pieces that exceed seasonality for being modern classics.

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