Handmade necklaces Barcelona


We work day in and day out to make the world a little better.

In addition to the quality of our products with the principle to work as much as possible with local suppliers.

Local and trusted designers and suppliers. Small family businesses like Fauna y Flora that survive the relocation of the industry.

The perimeter of the necklace measures approximately 51cm. This piece is available in 925 Silver or 18 kt Gold Plated Brass, both nickel and lead free. (The silver necklace is presented in a special box).

The whole process of design, manufacture, polishing, plating and production of these necklaces is carried out entirely between the small workshops of our suppliers in Barcelona and our workshop in La Garrotxa.

In this way we contribute to maintaining the industrial fabric of our country.

Working with artisans such as Fauna y Flora the creators of this piece. With a message of promotion of nature conservation.

This necklace is like our DNA, written solely for each of us and reminding us that the Universe has made us unique.

And he wants us that way. Nothing in the whole cosmos is the same as you.

The shape of this necklace is inspired by the organic shapes of DNA.

Handmade necklaces Barcelona

We want to encourage the generation of industry and work in our territory.

Nature is the source of inspiration for Fauna and Flora. Under this philosophy, all the pieces work with natural materials, which do not pose any risk to health.

Handmade necklaces Barcelona

The message of their handcrafted jewelry reminds us that we are a small link in a huge chain that crosses time.

Jewelry, for its durability, can also carry through generations, the unique and extraordinary thing in the Universe: Life.

We are the fruit of all the mothers who begot us, generation after generation, propagating Life on Earth.

We are the temporary custodians of the human essence.

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