Handmade earrings from Barcelona ÒRBITA 


These earrings form a small set of orbits. They are made with three rings of different diameters connected to each other and mobile. Made of brass and are 18kt Gold Plated and are nickel and lead free.

From the experimentation, intuition and sensitivity as a working method for each new collection, the jewels of Fauna and Flora emerge.

Thus, combining art and technology in the workshop to bring contemporary or designer jewelry to a wider audience.

Handmade earrings from Barcelona

Handmade earrings from Barcelona

Minimalist sophistication

We understand jewelry not only as a form of ornamentation but as an element of communication that enhances the personality and character of people.

In this way, we believe that the connection between the author, the jewels and the sensitivity of the person who wears them, make the creations of Fauna y Flora, singular and unique pieces enhancing the image of the wearer.

At Espai Povo we are committed to handmade and light jewelery inspired by nature: the sea, the earth, the constellations …

In short, any natural or artisan element that surrounds us.

Therefore, our rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are handmade and are unique designer pieces. They are worked individually and cared for with care and detail.

All our jewelry is made entirely in Catalonia. We are a family business that chooses each piece with all the attention and professionalism, in addition we always use top quality materials that are free of nickel and lead.

Well these are jewels for a sophisticated, elegant and natural woman. Exclusive jewels that always accompany you, the pleasure of always showing your natural beauty.

Your beauty is as unique as our jewelry.

Handmade earrings from Barcelona

So looking for the essence of woman is the woman you want to be, beautiful and natural. This is the woman you are. The Fauna y Flora jewelry collection connected with your most intimate essence.
The design is inspired by the beauty of the things in life

Especially in nature and astronomy. They are unique pieces of simple lines because you do not need ornate ornaments to show your elegance.

In Espai Povo you will find jewelry designed to convey emotions, to be part of an unforgettable memory or to make your outfit special and unique. These exclusive pieces are handmade.

In this way, the Fauna y Flora pieces are the perfect gift for you or for this very special gift, a detail that has the great value of which it has been made by hand here and that has all the affection deposited in when creating each piece.

You can buy our jewelry in the online store or come to our space in the Gothic Quarter.

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