Handmade bracelet Fauna y Flora


The shape of this bracelet is inspired by the organic shapes of DNA.

The curvature of each piece is done by hand so each piece is subtly different from the others, just as each being is unique in the Universe.

This piece is available in 925 Silver or 18 kt gold-plated brass, both free of nickel and lead. (The silver bracelet is presented in a special box).

The whole process of design, manufacture, polishing, plating and production of these bracelets is carried out entirely between the small workshops of our suppliers in Barcelona and our workshop in La Garrotxa.

You can combine this bracelet with the Vida necklace and earrings together.

Handmade bracelet

Handmade bracelet

The pillars that characterize Fauna y Flora are the values ​​of slow philosophy, sustainability and the process of artisanal production.

A new way of understanding the world Handmade bracelet Fauna y Flora is a firm that is in line with our way of understanding the world.

So, every time we consume, we decide how we want our world and our society to be, as individuals but also as companies or businesses.

A sustainable brand Handmade bracelet

Fauna y Flora is a business as sustainable as possible, which is why they work, like us; with local, nearby and trusted suppliers. I

In this way, it is very gratifying to generate work around you, to see how, if you grow, your suppliers too. In addition, they can hire more staff.

We generate more wealth in our environment and help maintain the little industrial fabric that still survives in our country.

For us it is very important that all the production processes that have to do with our pieces take place in human environments, know how our suppliers work to be able to offer our customers sustainable, local and quality products, and contribute to creating more humane and sustainable forms of consumption.

Both in the process of inspiration and in the choice of raw materials, nature plays an essential role.

They usually start by choosing a theme for the collection, and from there they work on the documentation / inspiration phase: cinema, books, music, series …

They devour almost anything that may have a content or aesthetic relationship with the collection.

Usually this phase already begins to give us ideas for some pieces, but especially to develop the discourse of the collection, the color palette, etc.

So we spend many hours visiting suppliers and looking for new materials on the internet.

Throughout the year they buy many samples of fittings, stones, etc., and when they start designing they usually end up dumping all this material on the table and playing with it.

Sometimes the idea of ​​the piece suddenly pops into your head and then the process works the other way around.

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